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These are just a selection of what we have available. New stock coming in constantly.

1968 Clipper Deluxe.

 A very rare first year bay Clipper. German market model deluxe with production date of July 8th 1968.

Sold originally by a dealer in Germany.  Auto Stabler (Stuttgart- Vaihingen & Mohringen) and still has the super cool dealer plaque on the passenger wheel arch and stamps in the first service book from servicing at that dealership.

By 1973 it had made its way to California and they started a new service record book. The service book shows it being serviced by Masterson Motors Inc in Ventura in early 73.

The body is very straight overall with only a few dents.

The original Neptune blue paint has some really nice light fade on the waistline just below the windows. The decklid, corner and rear quarter seem to have been repainted at some point but i see no collision evidence so it seems a light scraping of paint perhaps. There is some rust but really not a lot. I've taken pics of all areas to show this. I see no welding at all on the bus so untouched in that way. Inside the rear has been emptied as i believe it had a camping interior at some point. There are the original holes for the rear window and rear side window jail bars which is also a clipper spec thing. The front has a nice dash with the deluxe clock still in place. Original door cards, correct 68 only wiper arms and rearview mirror. It has the 68/69 US spec early side reflectors which i guess were dealer added upon arriving in the USA. Best of all though it has its full set of original Clipper bumper trims in place. Very rare to find.

The bus has a 1600 single port motor that is complete and starts and runs well. It has a deep sump bolted on for extra oil capacity. It starts up runs and idles well. We have driven it around the yard and it seems ok. The gearbox operates as it should and seems fine. It looks to have had a recent rebuilt steering box, recent brake master cylinder and other brake hoses etc that look reasonably recent. 

The bus will need some work to be road ready as it has been parked on a driveway for a couple of years.

A very cool and rare early bay that is a worthy candidate for preservation or full restoration.

Original California pink slip in hand along with correct import paperwork.

£12995. Can deliver / ship.

1972 Sierra Yellow Deluxe.  

Just imported from sunny California.

Built in March 72 with delivery destination of Seattle from where it made its way down to California.

A very solid bus with great chassis and underside. A few small rust repairs needed here and there but overall a solid candidate to restore or to fix up and run as is.

Deluxe trim, both correct bumpers. 

No motor but has original gearbox and rolls and steers ok. 

Rear has the original full width seat with factory seatbelts and a Z products rock n roll bed mechanism allowing the seat to form into a bed platform.

A nice deluxe bus project in a nice cheerful original colour.

Correct paperwork in hand.

£8995. Can deliver / ship.

 1979 Crewcab.

Last year model double cab. German built. Build date 21st February 1979.

£SOLD. Can deliver / ship.

1973 Volvo 145 Express.

A rare vehicle and one of three known in the UK.

An unusual model based on the 145 estate car but with a factory option high roof and tall tailgate. Very large load capacity especially with rear seats folded down.T

he car starts and runs and has what i believe to be the original B20 2000cc motor. Single stromberg carb.

The motor starts and idles ok, sounds quite smooth and quiet running. It has a 4 speed manual gearbox with overdrive. The clutch is not working which i believe is why they stopped using the car. It was parked up for some years unused.

You are looking at a restoration project that needs rust repair to the lower body. Sills, floor etc have rust so it will be a full strip down and restore job on this one. Upper body, around windows etc are good. See picture file. I have over 150 pics showing inside, outside, underneath, motor etc. It needs quite a bit of work.

Dashboard is quite good without cracks etc. Some switches missing from centre console. Original front seats are fairly good for age, rear seat is torn. Original towbar and over cab rack. Added full roof rack which looks great i think alongside the paint fade and patina of the roof. All original glass, all doors open and close ok apart from the left rear which did until i closed it yesterday and now it doesn't open again.. Small problem in the grand scheme. Key in the ignition and the car starts and idles. Lights work, wiper motor works, horn gives a lame toot occasionally.

A cool old Volvo that's mostly complete but needs some love to bring back to life on the road again.

Correct paperwork in hand.

£3500. Can deliver / ship.

1974 VW Kombi.

Built 1st March 1974 and delivered to Sweden where it remained until this summer when i brought it to the UK.

Original colour is Neptune blue with Dark beige Leatherette upholstery.

Walkthrough model that was an 8 seater kombi when new then converted to a Camper by a previous owner. They painted it white at the same time and added graphics. Full width rock n roll bed in the rear. Eberspacher heater (Original, M coded) Hardboard headlining (M coded).

Really good chassis, rock solid gutters, no rust around windows.

Great project bus that’s solid structurally where it counts.

No motor. Will need repairs to sills and battery tray. Great base as its not been welded and bodged about with. If you have a really rusty bus with good motor and interior you would likely save a lot of time and money starting with a much more solid base like this.

Correct paperwork in hand.

Delivery possible and shipping arranged. If you're in Europe don't let Brexit put you off. Message me and ill tell you why its not bad for you.  

£7000. Can deliver / ship.

1966 VW Beetle 1300.

A very original unmolested car with matching numbers.  

Starts and runs very well, drives too but needs a brake job so only driven around the yard here. The motor was rebuilt by VW at some point and has the correct engine number as shown on the vehicle details page of the original service book. Also comes with the original owners plaque and eberspacher and VW manuals.

Swedish car that has been well preserved and not modified, updated or restored at all.

Sea Blue and mostly original paint. Original wings still with original blue wing beading. Original upholstery seats and door cards and original headliner.

Eberspacher heater (factory fitted). The car has a very straight body with excellent fitting bonnet, decklid and doors. Both original valences in good condition. There is a dent in the front of the roof (shown in pics) where i think a small branch has hit at some time and could do with being worked out. The car does need some metal work. Largely consisting of heater channel repairs, rear bumper mounts and a couple of other spots. Take a look at the photo file to see the condition.

Correct paperwork in hand.

Delivery possible and shipping arranged. If you're in Europe don't let Brexit put you off. Message me and ill tell you why its not bad for you.    

£6250. Can deliver / ship.

1971 VW Riviera Camper.

Dry climate import from the USA.

This is a project bus needing some recommissioning work due to being parked up for a few years.

Nice condition pop top roof with what looks to be the original canvas in great condition. Securing catches all good. The operation of the roof is smooth and easy to use and gives a really useful standing space in the centre of the bus.

Walkthrough model with original front seats and full width rock n roll bed in the rear. Sliding camper window in the sliding door which opens and closes fine. 

The bus has some rust in the lower outer sills and a couple of small holes in the cab floor but is otherwise very solid. The doors are good as is the tailgate. There are some dents as can be seen in the pictures but nothing that would prevent you from getting it on the road and having some adventures. The rear corner and lower front panel / valence are the main areas. Both common areas to pick up damage and straight forward enough to fix. Underneath the chassis is excellent and outriggers etc look good. See picture file for more accurate idea of work required.

Keys are in the ignition, correct paperwork in hand (USA Title and UK Nova).

The bus is complete apart from the motor. Brakes, suspension, steering etc complete and just need to be checked an refreshed where necessary. Gearbox in place.

Delivery possible and shipping arranged. If you're in Europe don't let Brexit put you off. Message me and ill tell you why its not bad for you.

The roofrack is brand new and an additional £399.

£9250. Can deliver / ship.

1969 Westfalia Campmobile.

Built on 7th May 1969 and Shipped to destination Portland Oregon. From there it made its way south and spent time in California. 

£SOLD. Can deliver / ship.

'58 Diamond Grey Beetle.

 Barn find car that paperwork shows has been off the road and in storage since 1970. The last tax disk in the car is 1968.

I am told this was originally one of the two policeman’s cars in the small Swedish town where is spent its life (the other policeman had a Saab).

Lights, wipers and indicators working. The car has a period upgrade fitted so it has flashing indicators over the semaphore slots. Easily returned to semaphores by just unscrewing the lights if you prefer. Original wiring still in place.

Nice original interior. Seats, door cards, headliner, carpet, rubber mats all original. Dashboard is very nice too and all complete.

The car has all original panels which are showing original diamond grey paint below the one thin green respray/ blow over. Looks like it would be a good car to strip back to original if that’s your preference. The fenders require repairs but all are original to the car. The rear right though would need replacement as I feel it’s past repair.

This is a good unmolested car which requires restoration but is a great candidate to build and has heaps of potential.

No motor.

£7500. Can deliver / ship.  

1958 Beetle.

Very original survivor car.

Original wings / fenders.

Original interior.

Matching numbers apart from motor which is from 56.

Running and driving.

Needs a brake job and some attention to pans and channels. 

UK registered.

£10,000. Can deliver / ship.

'49 Split Beetle.

Rescued from Finland where it had sat unloved for a very long time.

Built 19th September 1949. 

It’s a full on project. Rust and dents are plentiful but with the help of Klassicfab, Wolfparts and Virtanen it’s all possible.. 

Body bracing welded in by previous owner and looks a little haphazard so will need to be aligned when lower metalwork is done. 

Cable brakes. 

Floorpan, body, gearbox and beam all date to 49 and are believed original. Original motor was missing but a 51/52 long block could be available by separate negotiation.

16” Wheels, original front wings, original hood. 

Correct UK import paperwork in hand plus date of manufacture letter from VW. 

£9,995. Can deliver / ship. Private sale.

'65 Beetle 1200.

A very solid beetle recently found in Sweden and imported following a long hibernation in a heated garage.

The car is currently undergoing recomission work and being stripped for a repaint in its original Fontanagrau colour.

Work being carried out includes: New linkpins, new front wheel bearings, new front and rear brake shoes, hoses and cylinders. New master cylinder. New handbrake cables, new hub seals, new exhaust and gaskets. New fuel hoses. Drained fuel system and fresh fuel. Good Firestone f560 tyres on all 4 corners.

1200 model but fitted with a 1300 single port motor from around 1966.

To be supplied in running driving order with UK MOT and UK registration. Repainted exterior, new rubber seals, running boards etc.

The interior is being preserved as it has original headliner, original door cards, original upholstery seats. Carpets and rubber mats will be renewed.

The car is a very solid example and once repainted, serviced and waxoyl coated underneath will be a lovely original looking classic good for many years to come.

£15,000. Can be reserved with deposit.

1959 VW Beetle rolling chassis.

£Sold. Can deliver / ship.

1970 VW Early Bay Deluxe bus.

£Sold. Can Deliver / ship.

T: 01792 927672   Swansea, UK.   E:

1961 VW Beetle.

£Sold. Can deliver / ship.

 1971 Porsche 914 project car.

£Sold. Can deliver / ship.

'73 Beetle 1300s.


'79 Sunroof Deluxe bus.


T: 01792 927672   Swansea, UK.   E:

'65 Beetle 1200.

A very solid beetle recently found in Sweden and imported following a long hibernation in a heated garage.

£Under restoration.

'65 Beetle 1300.


'68 Beetle 1500.


'69 Westfalia Camper.


'78 Sunroof deluxe bus.


'77 Golf GLS.


T: 01792 927672     Swansea, UK.     E:

'59 Beetle.


'65 Split Bus.


'72 Porsche 914.


'55 Oval beetle project.


'72 Porsche 914. 


68 1300 Beetle.


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T: 01792 927672 Swansea, UK.

'74 Golf Swallowtail.


'74 Porsche 914.


'75 Mk 1 Golf Swallowtail.


'76 Mk 1 golf.


'60 Sunroof Beetle.


'62 Beetle project.


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T: 01792 927672 Swansea, UK.

'57 Beetle.


'61 Beetle Project.


'59 Beetle project.


'54 Oval Project. 


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T: 01792 927672 Swansea, UK.