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'74 Swallowtail golf.

A very early model golf Swallowtail model. Built 3rd September 1974 making it one of the earliest golfs around.

Very complete unmolested car with original upholstery interior. 74 only seats with built in headrests. Nice original headliner, carpets and door cards.

Just brought out of 10 year hibernation from a dry garage in North Sweden. They don't salt the roads there which helps preserve the metalwork.

Engine starts and runs well and the car drives and stops but will need a check over / service prior to going on the road.

Nice original early watercooled car. Ideal to recommission and use or a superb candidate for full restoration.

£5750. Can deliver / ship.

'55 Oval beetle project.

Early model oval which was built in March of 1955. 

Ribbed door, batwing wheel and heart tail light model. All the desirable early oval features. 

The car has had one light repaint which is thin and showing through to the original stratos silver paint in many areas. Should be a relatively easy strip back to og paint. All wings / fenders are original, some work needed but nice to have all originals in place. Original paint on the dashboard, engine bay, door shuts etc. The car is a restoration project and has been stood unused for many years. It will need metal replacement / welding repairs. Heater channels and floor pan halves require work / replacement plus some other work. Both original ribbed doors, SEKURIT glass all round except windscreen. Nice rust free decklid. Motor appears original but doesn't turn. Not sure why but assume its due to long time sitting. The car has no seats. They were missing. A nice early model oval that has not been repaired / welded before so no old bodge repairs to contend with. 

Can deliver within UK, Europe or ship worldwide.

£8,250. Can deliver / ship.

'73 Porsche 914 1.7.

A complete and original matching numbers car. A couple of minor rust areas in the rear of rear boot and in the lower of spare wheel well but were talking small holes.

Original interior and nice complete dash with period radio. One key fits all locks. Removable roof panel that stores in the rear boot when removed.

1.7 litre motor complete and turns but not running. Has been parked up for some time.

Being sold as a restoration project. Great investment..


68 1300 Beetle.  Solid running project.

Good solid base vehicle for easy project or as a base for full restoration.

Motor starts, runs and idles. New fuel line, car cleaned and fresh fuel. Runs well.

Not used on the road for a few years so will need brakes etc checking over and refreshing.

All original interior, nice dash, original upholstery seats etc.

Eberspacher heater. Original padded dash.

A very solid base though being from an area where road salt is not used on the roads in winter.

£3,995. Can deliver / ship.

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T: 01792 927672

'74 Golf Swallowtail.

Very early model with swallowtail rear end, built in headrest seats, chrome bumpers etc. One of the earliest golfs in the UK having been built in September 1974.

Running car that is complete but will need some work prior to MOT or a great candidate for a full restoration. Very solid car with minor rust mainly around the front wing.

Nice original interior. Appreciating asset.


'74 Porsche 914.

Colorado import.


'75 Mk 1 Golf Swallowtail.

Swedish import early golf with desirable swallowtail. Being offered for sale as a project.

Nice complete original interior in bright orange.

Believed to be the original motor.


'76 Mk 1 golf. 1800cc

A nice early model Mk 1 golf 3 door. Swedish import.

1800cc engine fitted. Recent service and oil change by VW / audi specialist.

Nice original steels with hubcaps and beauty trim rings.

Interior original apart from front seats. Sunroof.


'60 Sunroof Beetle.

Complete original car for full restoration.


'62 Beelte project.

Original paint car imported from Sweden. Good restoration project. Needs welding.

No motor. Overall straight body.


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T: 01792 927672

'57 Beetle.

An extremely original unmolested example which we have imported from Sweden and recommissioned after a long period of storage in a Barn.


'61 Beetle Project.

Original paint resto project with straight body and never previously restored. You get first crack at it with no old repairs to contend with.

Swedish import. Original interior, 1200cc motor (believed original).

Previous owner removed wings so not included.


'59 Beetle project.

Original paint resto project with straight body and never previously restored. The car was built in September 59 making it a 60 model but being 59 built is MOT and TAX exempt.

Engine lid and tail lights replaced in the past at some point. 

A very solid project car needing minimal welding repair. No motor.


'54 Oval Project.

An early oval with heart tail lights, grooved doors etc.

Generally very soid project but in need of restoration.


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T: 01792 927672