More buses coming in.

We have 2 shipping containers coming in from the USA this week containing more buses and a lot of bus and beetle parts.

Vehicles incoming:

74 Tintop Westfalia Camper. Very good solid bus, project £POA

69 Pop top Westfalia Camper, good solid original paint project, White £POA

69 Pop top Westfalia Camper, California import, Montana red, great project £POA

78 Westfalia Camper, rolling shell, very soild and straight body indeed. £POA

56 Oval, complete car from Sweden, Black, some rust but not bad £POA

56 Oval, Unfinished project car, stripped back for resto. Parts included. £POA

Parts incoming:

Splitscreen & Bay window roof sections. Splitscreen and bay window doors. Bay window front panels. Bay window rear of roof repair sections. Front axles. Engine lids. Tailgates. Bus wheels. LHD slidng doors. Bumpers. Genuine bay doglegs. Early bay corners. Beetle doors. Bay bus seats. Early bay engine support bars. Fuel tanks. Bus door mechanisms. Plus loads more..


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1970 Westfalia Camper

Just finished restoration is this really nice rust free 1970 Westfalia pop top camper.

It's a 5 berth camper with double roof bunk conversion, double bed and cab bunk. Great to get the whole family in.

The camper was in very good rust free but sunbleached condition when we bought it so it was stripped back to a shell for a full external repaint including door closures etc. It was then fitted up with new genuine quality where possible door and window seals. New windscreen, tyres, mirrors, headlights, light lenses, hubcaps etc.

The sills, arches, doors etc are all original and floors are completely solid. A really good solid base vehicle makes a really good finished camper and one that will last for many years to come.

The bumpers and wheels have been media blasted and refurbished.

The engine has been fully professionally rebuilt with align bored original case new bearings, rebuilt genuine VW heads etc. All tinware blasted, cleaned and painted, all components cleaned prepared and painted where necessary. Superb original looking engine. New exhaust, refurbed genuine VW heat exchangers which give more heat than new aftermarket ones.

The brakes have been fully rebuilt with new cylinders, shoes and hoses.

The interior is the original Westfalia kit in good condition with new upholstery throughout. Inside has the following equipment. Wardrobe, sink, cooler box, double bed, fold away table and loads of storage. A new leisure battery has been fitted with internal power points so you can run your camping accessories, laptop etc without flattening the vehicle battery.

The pop top roof is refurbed too with new paint, seals, top quality roof canvas with zipped windows and original style Westfalia logos.

The full underside of the camper and inside the doors etc are waxoyl coated for rust prevention so it is well protected from the elements.

Tax exempt. Being sold with full MOT, UK reg and ready to go. £19,995

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1972 Deluxe Camper

An original paint and superb straight rust free deluxe microbus with Westfalia camping interior.

This California Import crossover bay is in really excellent original condition and is unrestored. A rarity with a body this good. The sills, arches, corners, jack points and underside are rust free and never welded.

The inside is fitted with an original Westfalia camping interior featuring wardrobe, double bed, foldaway table etc. New internal panels, flooring etc and in nice clean condition.

We have rebuilt the brakes with new shoes, hoses and cylinders. New tyres fitted all round. New windscreen and seal, Westfalia louvre windows and new rear and side window seals now fitted.

A fully reconditiond 1600cc engine has just been built and fitted with alternator, new exhaust etc so ready to go.

New pictures coming soon. A rarity in such good original condition.

Sold with full MOT, tax and UK reg £12,995

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1972 Adventure camper

Just in from southern Arizona is this super rust free 72 Adventure camper.

We have had a lot of buses over the years but this is one of the cleanest unrestored rust free originals.

Inside is the original camping interior with large double bed, cooker, fridge and sink. The high roof gives excellent storage space as well as good standing room in the centre section. The cab seats have just been reupholstered and re padded in original style.

The conversion was carried out based on a 72 deluxe microbus so it has all the brightwork on it. Waistline trim, deluxe window molding, chrome badge and aluminium grille surround. Original VWoA bumper overiders front and rear. Opening side and cab quarterlights in good condition.

The motor is a rebuilt 2 litre which runs really well and gives plenty of power. New exhaust fitted. New tyres all round inc spare.

A really nice original bus and something a bit different.

Tax exempt. Being sold with MOT, tax and UK reg for £12,500

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1963 Shorty Deluxe

£Deposit received

Looking for something different? You just found it!

A 63 15 window deluxe microbus modified and shortened to make this unusual and unique bus. A great promotional vehicle or just a fun bus that will stand out in a crowd.

There have been a few shorty's around over the years but this is the first original corner window one i have seen made out of an original deluxe. Still has the large windowed rear hatch, corner glass, deluxe dashboard features etc.

Will need some finishing welding here and there to improve upon the original join but it looks like it was a rust free bus when they did it as the underside, wheel wells, arches etc are very good.

No engine fitted but other running gear, gearbox, steering, brakes etc are present.

The 'Magic Love Bus' is unique and its unlikely you will ever see another like it. It will be a breeze to park with its reduced length and great rear visibility.

If your skilled you could even return it to a full length deluxe as they are getting hard to find.

£Deposit received

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1975 Panel van
£Deposit received

1975 VW panel Van.

Originally owned by Swedish railway company as a service vehicle.

Fully rebuilt 1600cc engine with new heads, barrels and pistons, oil pump, cam and followers, align bored case, alternator, repainted tinware, new exhaust. Looks like new.

Brakes have been checked over and cylinders and hoses replaced with new. New tyres all round.

A good solid bus having been in an area where they dont salt the roads in winter. Paint a bit scruffy here any there but overall a solid presentable driver.

Sold with MOT, tax and UK reg

Deposit received

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1978 Camper


' 78 tin top camper which we imported from the USA and restored.

The bus is a very straight and rust free example that we bought in Nevada. The dry climate has been very kind to the body and it is a great base vehicle. All doors are original to the bus, sills, arches, corners, roof gutters, under screen lip all solid and original. The underside is superb. We have thoroughly waxoyl coated the underside for rust prevention.

New reconditioned 1600 engine, new alternator, carb, distributor, exhaust, clutch, fuel pump etc etc. The brakes are rebuilt with new hydraulic parts and new discs.

The inside has been fully professionally reupholstered with new original style headliner, repadded and upholstered original highback seats with headrests, matching door cards, fully upholstered full width Westfalia rock n roll bed with arm rests. We have used original style period Westfalia blue plaid upholstery contrasting with black vinyl and black carpet. Curtains are included and buyer can select material of their choice from a wide range of fabrics available from VW Camper Curtains. We have kept the inside spacious, simple but stylish with the idea of it being a basic uncluttered camper that can also just be used as a car.

New windscreen. All windows and doors are fitted with new best quality rubber seals, new lights and lenses. Walkthrough model. Opening cab quarterlights.

The suspension is lowered using Transporterhaus dropped spindles with all new balljoints, lowered at the back, new german quality shock absorbers all round. Porsche fuch 4.5" and 5.5" replica wheels (including the spare) with new tyres all round. These dropped spindles give exeptional ride quality, something uncommon in a lowered bus.

This is a very clean fresh looking bus with reconditioned motor, mechanically sound and ready to go. Seatbelt mounting points for 5 should rear belts be required.


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1971 Deluxe Microbus

A recent arrival from the USA is this 71 model Deluxe microbus.

One of the first 71 models being built in August 1970. Some say the 71 is the best year of bay as you still have the 1600 upright engine, all the early bay body features but with factory fitted front disc brakes. A good all rounder and tax exempt too.

This is the deluxe model 7 seater microbus or minibus. All the original seats are still present so ideal for a large family or for wedding use. The rear seats are easily removable should you want to do so to fit a camping interior or just to use the bus as more of a van occasionally. There are factory fitted seatbelt mounting points throughout the vehicle. Deluxe features include the aluminium waistline trim, aluminium window trim, aluminium air intake trim and chrome nose emblem.

A very good solid vehicle which is overall very straight with only a few dings and minor dents picked up over the years.

To be sold with 1600cc engine, full MOT and UK reg.


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1957 Oval Beetle


A very original 56 oval window beetle that has been barn stored since 1973.

Very solid unrestored condition and unwelded when we imported it from Sweden. The car is mostly original paint, is extremely solid and has rust free doors, bonnet and engine lid.

The original 30 hp motor is in good running condition and has had a service and oil change.

We are rebuilding the brakes with new wheel cylinders, master cylinder, hoses, shoes etc.

To be sold as a running driving car.


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66 Westfalia SO42 project


Recently in from Arizona is this Splitscreen project bus.

An extremely good solid vehicle being from the desert state of Arizona. The underside is very solid.

An original pop top camper from new. Inside the rock n roll bed and a couple of other bits of the furniture remain but its a blank canvas for improvement of the existing or replacement with your own camping interior.

Bodily the bus is generally good but does need further work as most projects do. It still has its original sills, wheel arches, doors etc and has never been rusty. There has been some work done by the previous owner who worked in a body shop. He straightened out dents in the front panel and did a few other welding jobs where previous owners had cut holes here and there.

Mechanical overhaul required. No motor fitted.



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1966 Split Panel van


1966 Splitscreen panel van project fresh in from the USA.

Panel vans are getting harder to find these days and this one is a good basis for restoration or just fix the necessary and drive as a rat bus.

Unusual model with twin spare wheel troughs, never seen this option before. The chassis is good and whilst there is some work needed underneath its pretty good under there for a project. It does need a new cab floor, sills and some other welding work. The roof is nice and straight, sides overall ok too. The bulkhead was removed by a previous owner so you can either replace it or live without it. Without it you could fit swivel seats, flipseat, convert to walkthrough etc. We do have one bulkhead in stock at the time of writing this which we can sell at extra cost or we can offer it fitted for a little on top of that.

No motor fitted but steering, brakes, gearbox etc all present. A beetle or camper engine will fit so getting an engine isnt difficult.

Its been off the road for a few years and will need recommissioning.

I have a file of around 100 photos which can be viewed by request.


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1979 Sunroof microbus


Another arrival from dry inland California is this 79 sunroof microbus.

Selling as a project as its been parked for a few years.

A very original vehicle in mostly original paint and in very solid condition. There are a couple of minor dents but nothing bad. The body is generally very good with superb gutters, windscreen sill, rust free sills, doors, engine lid etc. The floors and underside are excellent too.

The sunroof models are a nice bus and make a very easy conversion to pop top camper as the hole is already in the roof to give access to the roof bunk. We have a couple of westfalia pop tops if you would like to convert to a pop top camper. These are available at additional cost.

The rear of the vehicle is empty ready for your choice of camping interior but the rest of the bus is complete. Sliding middle windows and opening cab quarterlights are nice features of this bus. The engine is a 2 litre injection and has been out of use for some time. Condition is unknown but its complete and at worst its a good core unit for rebuilding.

A great candidate for building up into a camper or keeping as a rare sunroof bus.


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1965 Snow Top Camper

Another new arrival from the USA is this 65 Snow Top project bus.

A rare conversion from the states but a very useful one if you like to have standing room, extra storage or just fancy something different from the norm. Also very useful for a catering conversion. We have been seeing increasing numbers of buses being converted to ice cream vans, coffee huts etc etc. The snow top gives very good standing room, a feature roof shape and lots of extra storage. The fibreglass top is in very good condition without cracks and with working windows.

The bus is a 65 model and has the popular walkthrough cab. 6 pop out windows option with good windows. The dash is very nice with no cutting or extra guages.

Being a US import the bus is a great basis for resto but does require some welding repair to sills, floor and outriggers. Typical split screen bus repairs and nothing too serious.

No motor fitted but gearbox, steering etc are all there.

Being sold as a project bus.

More pics availabel upon request. Delivery options available.

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1963 Walkthrough Kombi


A nice untouched project bus just in from the USA west coast.

This 63 model walkthrough original paint kombi has never been restored, never been painted and has not been welded before. Its a great opportunity to get a virgin project bus without any hidden horrors, filler under layer upon layer of paint or other bodges.

The bus does need restoration but would lend itself well to either a full resto or a preservation resto keeping the original paint and patina and blending in repairs to suit.

It is a walkthrough model and has both of the correct walkthrough seats, somewhat of a rarity these days. The dashboard is uncut and has a light coat of aerosol paint over the original Turkis paint. Should you want to go down the preservation route i think this could come off without too much trouble.

The underside is very solid. There is some work needed to the sills and the obvious dent damage seen in the pics but its got a lot of very good points like the near perfect front panel, solid roof (its just light surface rust up there).

No engine fitted. Empty in the rear ready for your camper conversion or anything else you can dream up to do in there. Engine lid included as seen in pics.

A great basis for restoration without having to go over anyone elses previous work.

A large file of pics is available upon request.

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